Yours Sincerely

I received a phone call from the Adoption Unit (Community and Family Services NSW) at 11:32AM. I spoke with a lovely lady who has been assigned my case and is prepared to help me in anyway she can to find my birth parents.

This afternoon she sent off an email to the Eastern Child Welfare Society at 2:30PM. The Eastern Child Welfare Society are the organisation that I was adopted through. My case worker has now requested information in relation to my birth parents.

The letter wrote:

Dear Ms K** H*******

I am writing on behalf of our client, Sara An Sook Young Saliba previously
known as Sook Young AN born 21 May 1995.

Sara has applied to us for information about her adoption and wishes to also find her birth parents. The name of her mother is Sun Ok AN and her father is Chang Soo LEE.

I would appreciate hearing whether it will be possible to find Sara’s birth parents as she would like to more about them.

Yours sincerely

Senior Adoption Caseworker
N**** C*****
Adoption Information Unit





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