Time Is An Illusion

Time is an illusion – Albert Einstein. 

TIME. A simple four letter word that can be easily defined as the past, present and future.  Although the concept of time is confusing it self, it can be difficult to understand. As time goes by, the past increases and the future recedes. But really, time is the now, the present. No one can be sure that the future even exists, or how long it is available to us. While the past is the one thing we can be certain of.

Some things in life have an exact time frame, how many hours in day, how many days in a year,  how many years in a century and while others are relied upon on a complicated thing we may believe in as ‘destiny’.  Although when it comes to it, we have the power and control to place an expiry date on things within our lives by blocking it out.

While I have been quite busy graduating University and entering into full-time work I have sent emails and emails to my caseworker, who is probably over me. *checks sent inbox* , so at least twice a month. The 7th October I finally hear a reply from the other side of the world stating

” I have not heard back form the birth mother of Sara An Sook Young Saliba by the 1st letter. I sent her another letter and am waiting her reply’

How many letters do I send before it is time to place an expiry date on this last chapter?  While I would like to say it does not end,  continues with the typed words saying my birth mother has replied..

If you know me, I am stubborn or as I would like to say, strong minded and know what I want and I honestly do not believe for a second I will give up trying to find her. If you have read my blogs previously, I hope you understand how important this is for me.

All I can do is wait… wait to see if it is the last chapter to the the book, or if there is a another chapter to be written.





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