Stalker or Curious?

I all know we have gotten online to Facebook or Instagram and searched someone up, finding out where they like to eat, where they work, mutual friends, or even if they have a cute fluffy pet. We learn more in 5 minutes about the person then what we would having a conversation with them. We have all done it before, right?

People always tell me that I have good stalker skills (not sure why I am telling you this) but I always seem to be the go to person to find out information about someone. But when it comes to finding any information about my birth mother, I find nothing. Nothing at all, not one thing.

I have tried everything possible, Korean databases, Facebook, Linkedin, social sites and everything you could think of. I have even tried online Korean sites and sat there having to Google translate everything because I had no idea what I was on… and still nothing.

Surely, I am not the only adoptee out there doing this? Am I ?
How can someone be that untraceable. I have looked for their name in Korean, English back tracked based on where they may of been born etc.. I have spent hours even days just trying to search and search online to see if I find anything close.

I have tried looking for my father, but I think there is less chance of finding him. I have found people with similar details, same name and have contacted them, but nothing. They either think I am quite strange or have no idea what I am talking about.

I know I hear over and over again, sometimes it not meant to be. If you know me well, you would know I am ummm…. quite stubborn. Sometimes even more stubborn then my mum, if that is even possible. I am going to keep searching and you never know maybe one day something might come up.

I guess always expect the unexpected….

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