Q&A: Will I go to Korea? …..”I’m not yet ready to meet her “

The questions I get asked the most.

Am I going to go overseas and meet her?
Who are you going to go with?
When are you going?
Why don’t you video chat with her?

If you’re here for the simple answer, it is “yes”. Hopefully one day I will go to Korea and meet her and the rest of my family.

Ahh the detail:
At the moment with COVID-19 there is an obvious delay. Even if COVID-19 wasn’t here, I think there would still be a delay. I’m not yet ready to meet her face-to-face. At the moment I’m going to just take it one step at a time.
I’m hoping that we keep writing letters for a while and get to know each other and start to feel more comfortable.

Whilst Covid-19 is happening, why don’t you Zoom or Skype? I
A couple of reasons, it’s a little difficult. The reason why I say this is because one simple reason. I don’t speak Korean and she doesn’t speak English. What an awkward situation to just sit there and look at each other haha. Our first moment seeing each other, i’d rather it not be over a computer screen but rather face-to-face in person. I think the experience would be far better in person. Honestly I don’t know how i’d react face-to-face.

Who’s going with you?

To be quite honest, I’d probably want to meet her on my own. I’d like to go over with someone, who can be at least a support for me in case things don’t go as planed. You never know. It most likely will be such an overwhelming experience that I would need to debrief with someone. I know my parents are both really egar to go with me. I really also wished Linda (family friend, basically my second mother – flew to Korea to pick me up with my mum) was here, although unfortunately she sadly passed away this year. As I would of loved her to share this experience with me.

Ok, if people go with you over to Korea, will they meet your birth mother?

I think at first, probably not. I don’t really want to worry about others in the situation rather than just myself and my birth mother. I feel like this is a time where i can be selfish. I’d like to first experience some time with her by ourselves (with a translator too haha). After that then most definitely if she felt comfortable and I did as well, i’d love her to meet whoever comes with me. Ideally i’d love her to meet all my friends and family here.

How long will you go for?
Nothing is planned right now, but I’m thinking at least a few weeks.

Now that you found your birth mother what does that mean for your current parents?
Nothing, nothing changes. It just means someone else has come into my life. My parents are still my parents, they raised me to be the person I am today.

If you have any questions, feel free to leave them in a comment below.

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