I’ve never been given the choice

NSW has finally shown a “path to freedom”. The ease of Covid restrictions and what seems to be the new sense of normality.

After the announcement was made and discussions around international travel was announced. I got emotional. Not for the mere fact it meant I could go and enjoy a summer holiday in Europe, but a moment of realisation that I was steps closer to meeting my birth mother.

Those who have been on this journey with me since day one, know what it means to me. I’ve truly been waiting for this moment, ever since I can remember. The ability to meet my birth mum has always been out of my control and now i’m steps closer to having the opportunity to make that decision.

Whilst Covid has ruined many things, it has also given me a wonderful opportunity to build a relationship with my birth mother via letters back and forth. The moment will be even more meaningful as she won’t just be a stranger. 

I still know it’s a while away, but we are nearly there.

Sara x

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