How My Birth Parents Met

It’s not the average fairy tale.

My birth parents met at a restaurant in Korea in 1990 at the age of 18 years old. It was actually my Aunties restaurant (birth mum’s oldest sister). My birth father was working at the restaurant part-time and my birth mother was working an office job while she was still studying.

My birth mother shared that after high school, they planned on getting married.

5 years later, they were both 23 years old, still dating and my birth mother fell pregnant with me. The year my birth mother fell pregnant my birth father was in the military. If you aren’t aware, in South Korea all men must serve in military for a minimum of one year between the ages of 18 and 28.

Whilst he was away, this is where things got complicated. My grandfather at the time also had a car accident, in which my birth mother took time away from work to care for him. Between all of this happening, there seemed to be quite a bit of family drama between my birth father’s family and my birth mum. Based off the letters I have read; still till to this day she holds a lot of resentment for his family by the way they treated her. This was such a difficult time for her, she had pressure from both families to break up with my birth father, pressures of what she was to do with the baby, as well as pressure from my grandmother (birth fathers mother) to have an abortion. Although there was a consideration for her to keep me from my grandmother and that was to only give birth if I was a baby boy. I’m not entirely sure how her family reacted at the time, although I’ve been told my aunties would like to now meet me.

I won’t go into detail, although my birth mother suffered from severe depression during this stressful time with a few complications and a lot of family drama. It was only herself and my grandmother living together at the time.

 I honestly don’t knowhow she coped and stayed so strong. If she gave into the pressures of others, Iwouldn’t be here today. It is honestly wild to think that there was a bigpossibility I wouldn’t be here today. Anyway….

At the end of herpregnancy she entered a home for single mothers and gave birth to me at anearby hospital. As soon as I was born, they took me away for adoption. Atthree months old I flew in from Korea to Australia on father’s day, as a niceexpensive gift for my dad for the rest of his life.

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