Dear Mum…

Dear Mum,

I guess I should first start off with an introduction. My name is Sara Saliba, although you may know me as An Sook Young. Unlike Korean names, many English names have a middle name. My family wanted me to keep part of my identity, so An Sook Young is my middle name. Therefore my full name is Sara An Sook Young Saliba.

I live in Australia, along the coastline, right next to beautiful beaches, mountains and cities. It is about a 10.5 hour flight plus a 1.5 hour drive from me to you. I have been in Australia ever since I left South Korea.

I have graduated university in a Bachelor of Commerce, majoring in Human Resource Management and Business Law. I now work full-time as a Human Resources Consultant.

I am now 22 years old and I believe it has been 22 years since we last saw each other. While I do not have a memory of this, I hope the memory you have of us together is one you will never forget. I often think about that moment in time, where you may of held me in your arms.

For quite a few years now, I have wondered if you are still alive. Recently the agency informed me you were still living in Korea and they tried to get in contact with you. I most definitely respect your decision to not respond back to the letter. I understand this can be very overwhelming and maybe even a part of your life you do not want to remember.

Although there are always many questions I would like to ask you…… mainly one, how are you?…… Really, how are you? and I do not mean just on surface. I want to know how you are actually going, more about you and the rest of my birth family.

I understand you might have a family of your own now and thinking about me, might not be a memory you have not shared with your family.  I understand you might be scared of the judgement you might receive by telling people. Sometimes, I get the feeling you might feel guilty or saddened with the choice you have made to place me up for adoption. Please do not, as I am most grateful for the life I have and am most thankful. I think you have done the most unselfish/hardest thing a mother can do, by giving up your child.

I have three other siblings. Two older brothers and a younger sister, who all sometimes drive me crazy, although I guess that is just family.

I always wonder if one day we ever meet, how that will go. If you are just as emotional as me, I can imagine lots of tears and us embracing each other in order to try and fill that void we have had for many years.

I hope that one day, we meet. Whether it is in this life time or the next.

I hope you are well.


Sara An Sook Young Saliba

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