Dear Adoption, I Dislike You

Dear Adoption,

I dislike my birth mother probably felt so ashamed to have me, that she felt the need to give me up for adoption.

I dislike there was probably never the support given to her that she needed, through the pregnancy, birth and adoption stages.

I dislike there are so many people in the world, who don’t have a home/parents and the government makes it so difficult to adopt.

I dislike I have always wondered who she is, what she looks like, how her voice sounds, If I have a similar personality, or if she ever thinks of me?

I dislike you think you closed the gap of creating a new identity, but it’s the old one that I seek.

I dislike you are such a closed book, that not even I get to know who you are

I dislike I am just a case number in the system

I dislike the process that brings people together, but also apart

I dislike that I feel as though sometimes no one gets it

I dislike I sometimes feel as though it’s me

I dislike I sometimes feel hurt

I dislike I even feel this way and that I need to write this

I dislike you, adoption
But don’t worry,  I love you as well.

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