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The story so far.


Click below to hear the audio. I came across this today and thought you would all be interested in hearing some of the conversation I had with the case worker. It is only a part of it. Some my say i’m sharing too much, but I always promised I would share my thoughts and everything with […]


I all know we have gotten online to Facebook or Instagram and searched someone up, finding out where they like to eat, where they work, mutual friends, or even if they have a cute fluffy pet. We learn more in 5 minutes about the person then what we would having a conversation with them. We […]


In 2011, I met Deborra-lee Furness. Some of you may know her as Hugh Jackman’s wife or as a strong, independent and down to earth women Back in 2011, I shared some of my thoughts and a little bit of my story with her. My email to her back then was about my experience of growing […]


Dear Mum, I guess I should first start off with an introduction. My name is Sara Saliba, although you may know me as An Sook Young. Unlike Korean names, many English names have a middle name. My family wanted me to keep part of my identity, so An Sook Young is my middle name. Therefore my full […]


Maybe I am being dramatic, maybe I am not. On the 15th of February I felt a vibrate from my phone, I looked and saw it was an email from Family and Community Services (NSW). I remember glancing at my phone for what seemed like a few minutes, but was probably only 30 seconds. I couldn’t think […]