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The story so far.


  The idea of a journey implies a beginning, middle and an end…. But over the two weeks I have discovered that it is not that simple. I seem to be always stuck in the middle with highs, lows and unexpected encounters along the way. An unexpected encounter in my journey led to a phone […]


  If you asked me this two years ago, I do not know what my answer would have exactly been but it has definitely changed. I think in one simple word; it means everything. I do not think I would give up completely everything in my life to find biological parents (now that would be […]


As part of the process to find my birth parents, I have received a ‘guide’ from the Department of Community and Family Services to prepare for the hard reality that I might never be able to find my birth parents. Or even worse, that although found, they won’t share my desire for contact. The first […]