Adoption Awareness Week in Australia

Here are the facts…

– In 2016 only 278 adoptions took place in Australia.

-In 2016 30,000 children in Australia were needing permanency as they have been in out of home care for two or more years in Australia. Majority of these children have been removed due to abusive or neglectful situations and being reunited with their birth parents is unlikely.

-In 2016 there were 17.8 million Orphans (lost both parents globally)

A few years ago I met the founder Deborra-lee Furness at a conference for adoption in Australia. All involved discussed the struggles that families face adopting in Australia.

There are quiet a few barriers to adoption in Australia, here are some of them:

-Adoption in Australia is a lengthy and overly-involved process. Adopting a child takes years. Not only that the complicated court processes can also be an additional barrier even when the potential adoptive parents are already the long-term carers of the children they wish to adopt. For example some of you may know my sister Alex. Alex was with our family since she was 3 and a half years old. There were a lot of complications with Alex’s adoption process and she never officially became adopted, even though mum and dad had already adopted 3 other children.

-It can also be a very very costly process.

-The Australia child protection policy and practise also fails to provide permanent solutions for the majority of children in need of a home.

So… What can you do to help?

Visit the following website, adopt change.

Join their community by signing up, write to your MP but most of all spread the word. Share this around because it needs to be addressed and be made an important topic of conversation for the government, as change needs to happen!!!.

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